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Monday, May 19, 2008

Hey Everyone!

This is my new blog and I will be working on it to promote mine and other's artwork. Have patience as I am just starting up!



captphrank said...

Very Cool Perlyyyy I love the background, kind of a parchement...

Kelly said...

Hello Let me know when you get a little more done and I will link it to my blog. I started out with all the people in my fanclub, so I am sure we will probably have some different people.


Kelly said...

Looks great I will link you now :)

Cherie said...

Hey!! Cool!

Hello everyone...and so glad you created this blogspot!

Visit mine anytime too!

THANKS SO much for putting my shop on here, you are so kind!! Hugz!


totallypainted said...

Hello MY GIRL!:) :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cara,
I've just now found your blog....Wonderfully done!
Luv keeping in touch with you on FB....We need to all have a Zazzle Reunion someday....That would be fun!
Have a great weekend,
Suz xoxo

Captain Jack Sparrow said...

i'm so glad you created your own blog

Captain Jack Sparrow said...

sis, i'm so happy you have a blog now!